Winning the Fencing Tournament Essay

Winning the Fencing Tournament Essay

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Has there ever been a time in your life when you accomplished something all by yourself and proved it to yourself that you could do it? I have, and I’ve never felt better. It was March 22, 2008 at Schoolcraft College for a fencing tournament. I was 14 and ready to fence. It was a cold, windy day with about four inches of snow on the ground. I entered the gymnasium with my fencing bag at hand. My heart was pounding.
After an hour of the strenuous anticipation of waiting for the event to start, the fencing was about to start. The gymnasium was filled with people, all in silence due to suspense. I was called to the strip. I hooked up to the score box and began to fence. Before I knew it, the bout was over. I had lost. Several minutes later I was called up again to fence my second bout. When it was over the cheers of the crowd pierced through me as I lost once again. Three more bouts followed and I had lost all but one. My confidence was falling rapidly.
In despair, I told my parents that they should probably start packing up. One of the directors walked up to the bulletin ...

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