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  • The Fencing Problem - Mathematics

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    The Fencing Problem Introduction ============ I have been given 1000 meters of fencing and my aim is to find out the maximum area inside. ====================================================================== Prediction ---------- I would predict that the more sides the shape has, then possibly the bigger the area it will have, although I have nothing to base this on, it will be what I am about to investigate. Shapes: I am going to start with the rectangle, I think this

  • Physics of Fencing

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    Before I begin my discussion about how physics effects fencing and how fencers use physics for more effective fencing, I will briefly discuss the origins of the sport of fencing. The first two fencing manuals were created and published in 1471and 1474. These emerged from an attempt at developing a system to teach people how to weild a light sword more effectively inbattle and duels in Frankfurt, Germany. Over the years, two distinct styles emerge. They were French and Italian. The french style relied

  • The Fencing Problem

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    The Fencing Problem There is a need to make a fence that is 1000m long. The area inside the fence has to have the maximum area. I am investigating which shape would give this. Triangles: Scalene [IMAGE] The diagram above is not to scale. Instead of having the perimeter to 1000m, only in this diagram, I have made the perimeters of the shape to 10, only to make this part of the investigation easier to understand. We know that the base of all the shapes is 2. The lengths for the equilateral

  • The Fencing Problem

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    The Fencing Problem Introduction I am going to investigate different a range of different sized shapes made out of exactly 1000 meters of fencing. I am investigating these to see which one has the biggest area so a Farmer can fence her plot of land. The farmer isnÂ’t concerned about the shape of the plot, but it must have a perimeter of 1000 meters, however she wishes to fence off the plot of land in the shape with the maximum area. Rectangles I am going to look at different size

  • Mathematics - The Fencing Problem

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    Fencing Problem A farmer has exactly 1000 meters of fencing and wants to fence of a plot of level land. She is not concerned about the shape of the plot but it must have a perimeter of 1000 m. She wishes to fence of a plot of land that contains the maximum area. I am going to investigate which shape is best for this and why. I am going to start by investigating the different rectangles; all that have a perimeter of 1000 meters. Below are 2 rectangles (not drawn to scale) showing how different

  • Math Fencing Project

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    Math Fencing Project I have to find the maximum area for a given perimeter (1000m) in this project. I am going to start examining the rectangle because it is by far the easiest shape to work with and is used lots in places (most things use rectangles for design- basic cube .etc). To start with what type of rectangle gives the best result. A regular square or an irregular oblong? I start by having 4 individual squares. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE][IMAGE]

  • A Study of Modern and Classical Fencing

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    Modern and Classical Fencing Fencing is a method of personal expression and release. It is ultimatly a way of life for some. Nevertheless, this noble lifestyle is dying out. There are those who would convince others that classical fencing is a way of the past. In its place they would promote a sport that uses the same equipment and yet, is so different, that one cannot think of it in the same light. The controversy between these two poses the question "is Olympic fencing better than classical

  • The Second Fastest Fencing Weapon

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    The tip of a fencing weapon is the second fastest moving object in the olympics, the first is a bullet. Like every sport fencing comes with risks. Getting hit with a weapon can be pretty painful. It started in the 18th century when authorities wanted to stop duels to the death. Even though the purpose of the épée was to stop this people still went into the duel with the intent of doing a lot more damage than a small cut. Of course the sport has evolved with time and new technology but épée is related

  • The Fencing Problem - Math Coursework

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    The Fencing Problem - Math The task -------- A farmer has exactly 1000m of fencing; with it she wishes to fence off a level area of land. She is not concerned about the shape of the plot but it must have perimeter of 1000m. What she does wish to do is to fence off the plot of land which contains the maximun area. Investigate the shape/s of the plot of land that have the maximum area. Solution -------- Firstly I will look at 3 common shapes. These will be: ------------------------------------------------------

  • Math Coursework - The Fencing Problem

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    The Fencing Problem Introduction A farmer has exactly 1000 metres of fencing and wants to use it to fence a plot of level land. The farmer was not interested in any specific shape of fencing but demanded that the understated two criteria must be met: · The perimeter remains fixed at 1000 metres · It must fence the maximum area of land Different shapes of fence with the same perimeter can cover different areas. The difficulty is finding out which shape would cover the maximum area

  • Math Coursework - The Fencing Problem

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    The Fencing Problem A farmer has 1000m of fencing and wants to fence off a plot of level land. She is not concerned about the shape of plot, but it must have a perimeter of 1000m. So it could be: [IMAGE] Or anything else with a perimeter (or circumference) of 1000m. She wishes to fence of the plot of land with the polygon with the biggest area. To find this I will find whether irregular shapes are larger than regular ones or visa versa. To do this I will find the area of irregular

  • The Olympic Games: Olympic Level Fencing

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    Olympic Level Fencing: Men’s Foil Individual Scientific Principles of Strength and Conditioning Fencing The Olympic Games bring together individuals that are exceptional and impeccably dominant within their particular concentration of training and athletics. Olympic Games have an array of events and/or sports that range from individual to team competitions, and are either sport related activities or are combat related, such as fencing. Fencing is the sport of sword fighting, which was first

  • The Origin of Fencing, Rowing, Tennis, Cock-fighting, Swimming, Golf, Badminton, Boxing and Bullfighting

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    Origin of Fencing, Rowing, Tennis, Cock-fighting, Swimming, Golf, Badminton, Boxing and Bullfighting It is thought that the Egyptians began fencing as a sport and this is derived from images on walls and relics from that time. The images show fencers wearing forms of protective clothing, earflaps and having covers on the ends of their swords. It is also thought that they may have been used to let fighters practice their swordsmanship, without any danger of being harmed. Fencing will take

  • Free Catcher in the Rye Essays: The Fake Holden

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    How do I find my place in this life? Well, in most respects, Holden is not unlike the typical teenager. He, too, is on his own quest in order to find himself. He needs to find acceptance. Going to school at Pency, Holden becomes the manager for the fencing team. In doing so, he tried to gain friends as well as social status within his peers. Even then the whole team ostracized" (pg. 3) him. Like most teens at that age, Holden was having trouble gaining acceptance and making friends. It seems like

  • Personal Narrative - A Hole In My Left Shoe

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    A Hole In My Left Shoe I have a hole in my left shoe. It’s on the inside of my left shoe, and it’s been there since the first week I had these shoes. It doesn’t grow or change, because the circumstances that begot it do not grow or change. It’s there because when I sword fight I drag that foot as part of my footwork. This hole in my shoe is a constant thing in my life. Even when I get a new pair of shoes it will still be back there within a week. Look closely at this hole and you can see into

  • The Pentathlon - The Ancient Events Versus The Present

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    The History of the pentathlon The history of the pentathlon stems from the complete physical training of the Greeks. The pentathlete was the product of training in five events, unlike those athletes who were trained in specialized areas. It began as an athletic competition to determine the best all-around athlete. The pentathlon was introduced into the Olympic Games around 708 B.C. Each pentathlete was superior in strength and activity, which was the ideal physical beauty. The ideal pentathlete

  • The Clash of the Rapier in Shakespeare's Plays

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    opponent. People fought these matches even during risk of banishment. This shows how much they valued their honor and did not want to live without it. Shakespeare brilliantly preserved this art through his plays. Works Cited "Elizabethan Fencing." Elizabethan Fencing. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. "Honour, Duels, and Might Makes Right." Honour and Duelling. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. "Medieval Code of Chivalry." Medieval Code of Chivalry. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2014.

  • My Hero's Journey Short Story

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    little different than most hero stories we hear nowadays I don’t have a super power, I’m not extra wise or strong, I’m no wizard, nor was I chosen to fight to the death for my district. To me, this story is pretty lucid, but then again I have been fencing for about 8 years. To make it easier for all of us I’ll elucidate it. My story is about how I found the sport that would teach me more than I would’ve ever learned without it. The sport that would later keep me from going crazy, from getting too

  • Walmart Loss Prevention Case Study

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    On May 31, 2018 at approximately 1446 hours, I was dispatched to the Walmart located at 8701 US HWY 19 Port Richey, FL in reference to a W/M and W/F in the store concealing merchandise. Upon my arrival, I made contact with the complainant, Walmart Loss Prevention Associate Marion Edwards. Marion directed me to a W/M and W/F he advised were acting suspicious. He advised the subjects had loaded a shopping cart with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise and were concealing merchandise in a plastic

  • Family Symbols In Fences

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    Family; a family is any group of individuals living together under a common roof. August Wilson’s “Fences” portrays extremely well the significance of family and what key elements go into each and every family. However, occasionally some members do not have similar values as others when it comes to the responsibility expected by others as a member. The use of metaphors and symbols throughout the play such as baseball and fences illustrate exactly why Troy Maxson’s family life was destined for failure