William Shakespeare 's Character And Characterization Essay

William Shakespeare 's Character And Characterization Essay

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For the second part of the readings that were assigned I found them so influencing as the first. For example, the reading “Character and Characterization” brought to my attention how anybody movement you do it is already defined what character you are trying to portray. With the psychologically of the actor the character can change in any second by being this lazy person to an active one. This reading helped me a lot for my final scene because it came to mind that by any movement I do could either help or hurt the character I am trying to represent. Furthermore, another great reading that helped me for my scene was “The Objective.” This is because in this reading it helped me approach the scene differently because it says to have the character’s objective in mind. In order to know what the character that someone is playing knows what this character wants. Then knowing this character’s goal it is helpful to find a same or similar goal or experience that has happened to you. Therefore, in order to feel that closer connection to the character and give it the best you have to have that mindset of the character. However, the “Back and Forwards” reading was a good adviser as well. This is because it helped me understand that actions are the first main thing because it defines the way when two events happen. Actions are the foundations of what is to come next so are the first to be established.
The exercises in the class were quite interesting, which was fun to experience something new. For example, the exercise I enjoyed the most was when we did this play of the bus stop. It was interesting to see the ideas, people had in mind in order to make the other person move from the bench. This exercise was a motivation of mind that I t...

... middle of paper ...

...wed me many things that I had never encountered before. For example, it has helped me be more of a free spirit, now I felt that I am not that timid girl I use to be. Which this is quite good because now I found myself talking to more people; I am able to approach them without feeling embarrassed. I am so happy about having been able to take this course because it has made me into a new person with confidence. I am enjoying my new self being because it feels good being able to have more friends than before when I did not know how to approach people. I too was able to work on myself in ways that make me look approachable to other people because any body movement defines you in a completely different way. Therefore, I try to be careful of how I present myself now because now that I know this I do not want other people to think I am something that I am not.

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