William Golding and Jean Jacques Rousseau

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William Golding was the author of The Lord of The Flies, a book that is today still very controversial in the fact that Golding displayed British school boys resorting to complete savagery and barbarism, feasting on near raw pig’s meat and fighting one another; His display of how humankind has an evil inside everyone, no matter how deeply hidden it is. Jean Jacques Rousseau was the author of Dissertation on The Origin and Foundation of The Inequality of Mankind. Both of these controversial books displayed the author’s views on humanity and society. Golding believed that humans in nature are evil and society is what tames that beast. Rousseau disagrees and believe society is what taints humans, and humans are naturally good and strong minded. I believe that Rousseau is correct in his belief that society is what taints humans and makes them greedy and selfish for power, destroying what common sense and rational decision making we have left. Rousseau lived in the early 1700’s to the late 1700’s. He influenced the French revolution with his political philosophy. Rousseau believes that ...

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