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“We know the great catch words of the ascetic ideal are: poverty, humility, & chastity:” Awe, in nietzschean fashion, bash the lowly of society and uplift the elite. I felt it was only proper to open the commentary with one of Nietzsche’s many famous quotes from On the Genealogy of Morality. Nietzsche, one of the most famous German philosophers, wrote the genealogy of morals in 1887 and it is considered a work of brilliance in the eyes of many. Although during this commentary I will challenge and refute many of his points in the novel like ascetic ideal, will to power, the origins of the conscience and guilt, and etc. I will not bring up that this was one of his novels used in Nazi propaganda, it’s not appropriate for this essay. I will basically have an argument on paper with him, and we will see who the victor is.
Ascetic Ideal, according to Nietzsche, means nothing to the artist, it is a key to in-depth self exploration for the philosopher, but for the priest nothing but a tool to control the lowly sheep they tend to. For one to even understand the context, we must find out what ascetic mean, it is a person who flees a life of material comfort in order to have a life of self discipline. Nietzsche opens his third essay explaining the ascetic idea and different meanings it may have. I would like to begin with the artist relation to ascetic idea. Nietzsche states “A perfect and complete artist is cut off from what is ‘real’ and actual for all eternity; on the other hand, we can understand how he can occasionally be so tired of the eternal ‘unreality’ and falsity of his inner existence that he is driven to despair, - and that he will then probably try to reach into an area strictly forbidden to him, into reality, into real being....

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...zsche would say, I was close to his definition of ‘will to power’, but the only think lacking is that ‘will to power’ is more than tangible objects, it is the driving force behind humanity. ‘Will to power’ itself is a tool used by man to gain freedom.
Finally, I would like to discuss with Nietzsche the importance of religion, God, and atheism. I notice throughout the book he insults many religions but mainly Christianity and god. Now I completely understand the mind frame of an atheist, I use to be one in my grade school year. My reason for being an atheist was the lack of knowledge I had about god, and also I felt that how can some extraterrestrial being control my life. How can some book force values and morals on to my life? Although, one thing I did not do was defame Christianity.

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