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Why We Teach Now By Mary Jane Haney Essays

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Being qualify doesn’t imply that you meet the criteria as a professional teacher. Mary Jane Haney’s Book “Why We Teach Now” demonstrates the highest level of professionalism within her teaching profession, both in the classroom and the community. It is evidently seen throughout her teaching, her unique skills, variety of strategies’ and attributes, that she formulates and provide exceptional service to meet the learning needs of a child, colleagues, parents and the society. Her dedication towards her profession reflects in the National Board of Teaching Standards (2014), as she shows her commitment to her students.
The National Board of Teaching Standards (NBTG), states ‘Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.’ Haney created knowledge of the real world settings by taking her students to various places and fields trips to get first-hand knowledge and experiences. As a result, students were provided with real life situations to reinforce their knowledge and skills, they had already gain with in the learning environment, as it relates to students themselves and society. Teachers are members of the learning committee Haney states “I urge my colleagues to continue to seek ways support their own professional growth, build classroom curriculum based on the needs of their student’s family. Haney believes in education as she strives for excellence for her students.
Haney symbolizes the idea of teacher professionalism. Haney (2014) stated “I cannot teach them without their participation, motivation, and determination.” I believe this is true; if students are not excited or interested in the content they will not learn. I have seen this first-hand in my classroom. If the lesson is not exciting f...

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...n my journey. There might be obstacles along the way, but I’m determine to surpass with strength and determination.
After reading Mary Jade Haney If I was to ask Haney one question it would be “Was there any time that she was at her highest peak and just wanted to give up?” “What did she do to overcome her obstacles that she encounter on her teaching path?” In “Creating Spaces That Breathe Hope” I realize as a 21st century teacher Haney didn’t mention the use of technology in her teaching strategies, she often teach her students by using personal experience on life and the student environment by bringing meaning to the curriculum. My question to Haney on this area would be, “What type of activities use was to engage the students without the incorporation of technology or why she didn’t implement technology in her teaching to engage her students in the lesson plan?”

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