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The occupations that I have chosen to analyze using the three elements for this assignment are paraprofessional, what I am currently, and a teacher, what I am going to college to become. Teachers and paraprofessionals work side by side, collaborate, plan, and share many of the same experiences. However, paraprofessionals are often not treated as equals and has created some ethical judgement regarding treatment of the paraprofessionals from other teachers and administrators in the business of education. I want to use this assignment as an opportunity to distinguish the true professional using the elements designed for this course.
Part (1) by using the central and common features of a profession argue that your chosen occupation is or is not
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However, paraprofessionals do enhance the purpose of life needs, especially for children who struggle that might have otherwise been left behind. Paraprofessionals help struggling students be more successful.
Teachers help students meet the purpose of life needs by teaching them the things they need to know to be successful adults. Teachers do not teach just the basic core subjects, but they teach children how to be responsible and respectful. They teach them the things they need to know to be good citizens in society.
Part (3) explain what expertise and resources a professional in your chosen profession would need in order to meet the needs your profession
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It is about management, motivation, and instruction. Teachers need to know how to design their classroom so that the children are going to get the most efficient learning environment for them. For example, students who are visual learners or have attention problems, should sit near the front. Teachers must be experts in motivation. Students will be open to learning and want to learn if they are excited, happy, feel safe, and have confidence. Teachers must be instructional experts. Not all children learn the same way, teachers need to have the skill to give the same instruction in different ways so that all students

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