Why The Examination System Is The Most Important Needs For Surviving? Essay

Why The Examination System Is The Most Important Needs For Surviving? Essay

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People have needs of survive and take care of their selves. Eating and housing are the most important needs for surviving. When we look at the antiquities even barbaric people who find something for feeding themselves or making caves to live. Today people should earn money to eating and living. Especially in our century, conditions are really challenging and they push people to work hard to earn money for live in high standards. It’s not easy because there is too much population over finding a job and that cause an examination system for selecting a person who deserves more than the others. Unfortunately, the examination system starts when we are in young ages even when we are at primary school. Children have to study not only for their school exams, but also university exam. All of these factors make pressure on students. Therefore stress, which means a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc., begins and continues until he or she starts to work. I am going to try measure stress on children whose have an exam stress on their shoulders I believe t...

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