Poor Us: An Animated History Of Poverty

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The documentary, Poor Us: An Animated History of Poverty, takes viewers through a detailed history of poverty on Earth. From hunter-gatherers to modern times, poverty in the world is demonstrated in the documentary. One can ask many questions while watching the documentary such as, “What is poverty?” and “Why does poverty exist today?” These questions are partially answered and speculated on in the documentary, although it may be hard to completely answer the questions as it can be argued that there is no one single answer. Poverty, according to the documentary, is the struggle to obtain resources in order to continue living. These resources are basic needs such as clean water, food, shelter and health care. The documentary, however, argues …show more content…

In hunter-gatherer societies, people were fairly equal. There was no real system or guidelines that people had to follow. Everything was very basic. One needed to catch food when hungry and find safe shelter when they needed sleep, otherwise they would die (Poor Us). As time went on, people began to settle down. They no longer traveled from place to place in search of resources. Instead, they created their own resources by starting farms and expanding agriculture. The focus shifted from being community oriented to individual oriented. This was demonstrated in the beginning of the documentary. A worker was located in his store where he forced away beggars and people in need. The shop owner was only concerned for himself and his family; no one else. It was this cultural shift, the documentary argues, that caused equality to become inequality. By looking at the geographic, demographic, political and economic evidence presented by the documentary, one can begin to see how this inequality aided in the created of modern day poverty, thereby supporting the thesis of the …show more content…

Poverty can be fund in every nation of the world. Poverty can be found in nearly all geographic locations on the earth. Poverty can be found on the streets of New York City in the United States, the slums of India, or the jungles of Africa and South America (Poor Us). The richest and the poorest nation both have poverty. While there may be huge inequalities between the rich and poor countries of the world, they all face large amounts of poverty. What is defined as poverty in these rich and poor countries? In America, poverty could be a young family struggling to pay rent or homeless men and women on the street. In India, poverty could also be a young family struggling or homeless men and women on the street. Poverty does not

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  • Analyzes how the documentary, poor us: an animated history of poverty, takes viewers through a detailed history of poverty on earth.
  • Analyzes how cultural influences have had a great impact in the creation of modern day poverty. in hunter-gatherer societies, people were fairly equal.
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