Why Medical Practice Needs A Mobile Friendly Website

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Why Your Medical Practice Needs a Mobile Friendly Website The advancement of technology and the competitive nature of the global economy has produced a business environment in which businesses are being forced to develop an online presence, something that is true even for brick and mortar establishments like medical practices. Where several years ago, simply having a static website would have been sufficient, the technology revolution has created a significant shift in website development paradigms. The fact that more people are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to conduct searches and research businesses, there has been a rapidly growing need for businesses to ensure that their sites have been mobility optimized. The Numbers are Overwhelming According to recent studies, more than 120 million individuals in the U.S. use mobile devices to access the internet on a regular basis. This number is expected to grow exponentially over the next several years. What this means to medical practices is that it will be important to ensure that mobile users have an enjoyable and productive user experience when they visit their site. Effective marketing and customer service has always been about customer engagement; however, the expanse of the internet and the advancement of technology has served to raise the expectations of the consumer. If a consumer arrives at a site and experiences difficulty navigating the site or finds it difficult to see or read, they will simply bounce from the page and find a more user-friendly site. This is one reason why ensuring that your medical practice’s site in optimized for mobile use. A Better Browsing Experience It is important to understand that most mobile devices are considerably smaller th... ... middle of paper ... ...s With the 55 percent of internet browsers using mobile devices to conduct internet searches, it stands to reason that providing a user experience that would better facilitate these searches will increase the possibilities that users will choose your practice. Keep in mind this online encounter will probably be the first impression that a customer will have of your practice, so the more enjoyable the experience, the better chance that the user will choose your practice. When technology is driving the revolution in which smartphones have now become miniature computers, with greater mobility and flexibility, the proclivity for users to use their phones and tablets to access the web will only increase moving forward. It will be imperative for all businesses, including medical practices to enhance their online presence by optimizing their site to facilitate mobile use.

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