Why Intelligence is more Benefited than Strength Essay

Why Intelligence is more Benefited than Strength Essay

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One may believe that intelligence is better than strength because without intelligence many people would not be alive today. Everyone needs to have intelligence to be able to know how to do a little bit. Many reasons why intelligence is more valuable than strength is because, in the Hobbit, Biblo outwitted Gollum in the dark cage and he also outwitted the spiders and Smaug. Without intelligence the dwarves and Biblo would have never been able to escape all kinds of trouble, also, for scientific reasons. Scientists have proven that many people who have intelligence do better off with getting a job and having a good, managed, career. If one did not have intelligence many people would not have houses to live under, a job, food, or even know how to write. For the reasons below is why multitudinous people might think that intelligence is more benefited than strength.
In the Hobbit, the dwarves and Bilbo would not be able to survive without intelligence, because if one did not know how to skin an animal, or making water drinkable, by boiling it, then they would eat a hairy piece of food or drink vile water. If someone did actually drink the vile water in the Hobbit they might fall asleep. Also, if they ate an uncooked piece of meat un-skinned they would probably get sick or get worms. If one did not, yet, know how to build a house they would have to sleep out in the cold; possibly not survive because of the harsh winters, also the animals. Intelligence has helped people out in there most dire situation; in many ways in the Hobbit, because they are left in the wild and someone has to figure out how to survive the nasty, vile, cold weather. Sometimes, they even have to survive giant spiders and all the different types of anim...

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...tant and if one only had strength then one would not be able to succeed. Many people have different ideas and theories about which is better but one may believe that intelligence has more value than strength for more than a few reasons.

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