Why I Want to Pursue a Master's Degree in Finance Essay example

Why I Want to Pursue a Master's Degree in Finance Essay example

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My long term career goal is to found my own financial company that specializes in applying advanced analytics tools to solve complex financial problems. Having worked as a financial analytics analyst for more than 6 months at Enova Financial, a Chicago-based consumer online financing company, my passion towards financial analytics is reinforced. Ranging from basic data query and reporting to predictive modeling and optimization, data analytics has assumed a more important role in today’s financial services industry. Mastering data analytics could help financial institutions acquire the relevant information in the shortest amount of time and make the informed decisions thereafter. Since personal loan industry is only the niche of financial services, I would like to broaden my horizon of the financial knowledge by gaining a deeper understanding of its principle and its application in order to achieve my loan term goal. Entering a full-time master in finance program, as such, becomes the best option for me.
Among all the programs available, I firmly believe that the Master in Finance program at Princeton University will be the ideal preparation for my career because of its strong emphasis on quantitative techniques with practical business problem solving. The core courses offered by the program will help me build concrete foundation in financial theories and computational methods; the elective courses, such as Forecasting and Time Series Analysis, will further enhance my modeling techniques for financial forecasting in a broader application. Besides excellent teaching fellows at Princeton University, the close personal attention from academic and career advisors will be invaluable to my professional growth. Furthermore, the small cla...

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...e cut-off point for generating the mailing list, contributing to a 200K monthly net lift. I also had the opportunity to implement my own solution for the gap between financial information and analytics at Enova Financial. For instance, I improved a crucial lead sourcing query that runs every day by computing a pairwise t-test of the conversion rate for different sources channels. This resulted in a 30% bad lead sources reduction, and helped the company save over 100K cost in purchasing lead sources annually.
I believe the quantitative skills that I practiced and honed from my past experiences could bring me unique perspective for my graduate studies. At Princeton University’s Master in Finance program, I would like to further gain financial knowledge and skills, and ultimately prepare myself for the long-term challenge in my future career of financial analytics.

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