Why I Should Be A Pharmacist Essay

Why I Should Be A Pharmacist Essay

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When asked what I wanted to be when as a child as far back as in my elementary years, I never minced word about wanting to be a pharmacist. This early desire to pursue pharmacy as a career was ignited by an incidence that occurred during my childhood. According to my mother, at about year two of age, I swallowed some Valium tablets from the medicine cabinet. Consequently, I acted irrationally, laughed uncontrollably and became sleep-deprived. Without a doubt, I ended up in the emergency room once my parents discovered what had happened.
Apparently this story lingered on in my mind and I was intrigued by “the magic” in this medicine that temporarily altered my consciousness at such a young age. In order to satisfy my curiosity, I took science courses in my high school so as to meet the requirements for admission into pharmacy school.
Hence, I stayed true to my dream, studied Pharmacy at Olabisi Onabanjo University and finished top five in a class of over 100 students. However while in pharmacy school in Nigeria, the notion that pharmacy practice in Nigeria was different from international standards was not lost on me and I wanted more. This was reinforced during my final year thesis which was designed to evaluate the practice of pharmaceutical care where I came to appreciate the difference of practice between developed and developing countries. Naturally, I threw myself into this project which I finished with an A grade and I became increasingly interested in practicing pharmaceutical care possibly outside Nigeria. In addition, the Project accessed pharmacist educational ability and readiness to provide pharmaceutical care.
Upon graduation, I did my internship at a Neuro-psychiatric Hospital where pharmacists were in the beginnin...

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...ity I will like to pursue. These are areas I do not have access to with my present qualifications. For example, having a Pharm D is a requirement for application for residency programs and certifications in areas of interests such as Oncology, cardiology and anticoagulation. Being a part of this program will not only enhance my clinical knowledge but I will be prepared for future undertakings in my professional journey.
MCPHS is my choice for this next step of my career as they have a proven track records in producing well-trained pharmacists. Likewise, having heard and read about the high academic standards required of students at MCPHS, I am excited about the prospect of getting a worthwhile education which will propel my career. With MCPHS being the second oldest private pharmacy school in the U.S., I have no doubt I am about to obtain a sound pharmacy education.

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