Why I Don 't Sing Essay

Why I Don 't Sing Essay

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I don’t sing, I can’t draw, and I definitely do not dance. Other than the ability to memorize useless things, I was blessed with the ability to play sports. Since I was six my life has revolved around sports. Throughout these eleven years of continuous ball, I have developed a highly competitive attitude, learned how to be a leader, and learned how to deal with adversity.
Starting at the young age of eight, I played softball on a team called Texas Heat. We played ball every weekend in the Dallas area, which is about three hours from where I live. The first two years were rough, but once we got to ten & under ball we rarely got beat. This is when I started hating to lose more than I loved to win. I got so use to winning, it almost became a lifestyle. In middle school I started track, volleyball, and basketball and the winning didn’t stop. We won everything. Finally I got to high school and I got a huge reality check. I had to accept the fact that even though I hated the pain of a loss, it had to happen. Losing drove my competitive attitude through the roof. I actually knew what i...

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