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Why I Am Against Immigration Essays

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(intro)This country was founded on the principles of immigration unless you are a Native American right?We all have a immigrate background America is a rich country of ethnicity and a true melting pot why? America has often been referred to as the land of opportunity Ronald Reagan truly one of the greatest American presidents often talked about America being ‘’A city on a shining hill’’. Does this mean we are a better country than the rest of the world or this a statement of intent? If you go back and look about what he is saying it means we were simply looking for the purpose making America the place to be opportunity is everywhere. Sadly this American dream has started disappearing due to the fact that other cultures coming in have all the benefits the American simply do not. This paper is to help explain why I am against immigration.

(terrorism) Why does America have this fear that a terrorist attack can happen at any time?
This fear has a lot to do with the horrific morning of September, 11 2001 Terrorist high jacked a plane and took America by surprise leaving us scared and frustrated. There are “8 million illegal aliens’’that are residents on U.S soil another million enter every year. The larger numbers of aliens are placing America in a precarious situation. Are trust setting up another plan to ruin America?
(2007 procon.org)

(court)The pressure is on the court system that are flooded at record numbers of
‘’unaccompanied minors’’altman from the Honduran reguee escainy violence and
Southwestern immigrants looking for a better way of life for their children. If these
unaccampunied youth are able to go are able to go overcome the language barrier with lawyer they have a 1 in 10 chance of staying according to the Syra...

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...utstanding country. Us as Americans should be very proud in the country we live in, and protect it at all circumstances. Having illegal immigrants over populating our country needs to come to an end, but before we can do that we need to get the rest of America on board with getting the aliens out of our territory. No matter who you are nor how you feel about immigration; it is only right for everyone to be equal by all means. Just because you are not a legal resident of the United States does not mean you can get away without doing your`e part in helping the country you are staying in. When you stay in the United States of America you are labeled as an American. For someone not to pay taxes or contribute to the wear they put on America`s territory; then that 's just not being an american. If they are not going to be an American, then why should they live in America?

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