Why Fire Is The Only Element That Isn 't Friendly With The Human Specie Essay examples

Why Fire Is The Only Element That Isn 't Friendly With The Human Specie Essay examples

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Why the Search
“Fire has been around for millions of years, but it has only been in the last 1.5 million years that humans have figured out how use it” (“Facts”). I always have wondered why fire is the only element that isn 't friendly with the human specie. For example, water, earth, and air all have harmless entities that species can safely have direct contact with. Fishes live in water, and people live on land. However, there are no species on this planet that can have direct contact with fire and not get hurt. Maybe that’s the reason that animals and people consider fire to be dangerous, especially if we 're talking about wildfires, which has a massive impact, on both people and land. But in the end, no matter how dangerous and destructive fire is, people still depends on it, and can’t live without it. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea to base my research paper on learning the different phases of fire, and also finding the different roles that fire has on the environment.
The Search
I decided to begin my first search on the Internet. Since I had access to both a computer and an Internet connection, I had no issues in that regard. The first article that I explored was called “Wildfires,” from the National Geographic website. In the article, I learned that depending on the wind condition, wildfires can have different reactions. For example, in the article they stated that “wildfires can burn acres of land and consume everything in their paths in mere minutes” (“Wildfires”). I also learned the positive effects that wildfires has on the environment. For example, naturally-occurring wildfires are fundamental in nature, as they return nutrients to the soil, by burning dead trees, plants, and land. They al...

... middle of paper ...

...re was valuable. Even though the interview was very helpful, and I really thanked my mentor for the information, it was my list of sources that gave me most of the information I was looking for. The book that Mr. Dilts gave me was where I learned most of the information. For me to have learned the different types, phases, and roles that fire has on the environment was incredible. Now that I know, how more destructive and dangerous fire can be, I know it 'll take me some time before I can walk near a fire again. However, I was also surprised to learn how much the environment needs fire, to see how plants and animals benefit the same way we do. I 'm still afraid of fire, as I’m afraid of snakes, and the ocean, but based on what I learned, I can safely say that the amount of benefits that fire offers to the environment, is greater than the problems that it causes.

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