Why Educators Should Not Abuse Alcohol And Drugs And Why Intervention Is Needed

Why Educators Should Not Abuse Alcohol And Drugs And Why Intervention Is Needed

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Literature Review
My capstone research is focused on why musicians should not abuse alcohol and drugs and why intervention is needed? The article does not state the problem is fixed but continued investigation is being done by using feedback loopholes. Substance abuse of chemical substance and alcohol has been around for many centuries. (Epstein, 1996). This article works because it explains the difference between prescription drugs and illegal drugs. Prescription drugs are labeled as good drugs and illegal drugs are labeled as bad drugs (Epstein, 1996).
The use of the plant or substance has a way of altering the mind. There is nothing new about the plant and substance because it has been around for many centuries (Epstein, 1996). According to Epstein (1996), “In spite of the ubiquity of substance use through time, our current attitudes about drugs and drug use have been constructed, or rather socially constructed.” There are thousands of prescription drugs which alters the mindset. The prescription drugs are considered legal because it is prescribed by doctors (Epstein, 1996).
Society has put a label on prescription drugs and illegal drugs. Prescription drugs are labeled good drugs and illegal drugs are labeled bad drugs. The prescription drugs are prescribed by the doctors for medical use. The illegal drugs are used to self-medicate without a prescription (Epstein, 1996). The illegal drugs has some of the same ingredients as the prescription drugs such as “heroin/codeine, or cocaine/Novocain” (Epstein, 1996).
There are addictive substance such as caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine sold in stores. People generally are not aware of the addictive nature these products can have on their intake system. These addictive substance can ca...

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...Keys (2002), “The psychological and psychiatric effect of stress remain an important mechanism for individual differences in all areas of mental health.”
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