Why Should Drugs Be Legalized?

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Drug addiction is a chronic which always the brain disease is relapsed that leads to the seeking of compulsive drugs (NIH 2012). Nowadays, drug abuse still is a serious issue for a long time although the government tries to control the drugs by rigorous imprisonment and better education program. Some people cannot understand that why and how people can be a drug addicted person. And the drug users are regarded as the lack of moral principles or willpower (National Institute on Drug Abuse 2012). People think there is no way to reduce the number of the people who take drugs, so drugs should be legalized. Another reason is that the drugs illegal poses threat to society. If the drug is legal, the society would be more peaceful. As far as I am concern,…show more content…
To begin with, the people who are addicted to drugs are hard to get rid of taking. Normally, a lot of people assumed that because of the lack of moral principles and willpower, the drug abusers cannot stop abusing through changing their behavior (NIH 2012). But in the real world, giving up abusing takes more than strongly will, because the ways of brain is changed by drugs that enhance the compulsive drug abuse. As a result, it is difficult of drug users to stop abusing the drugs. Furthermore, drug users might kill themselves if they cannot take drugs appropriately. From 2006 to 2010, about 88000 deaths per year happened due to the drug abuse (Nolan, 2014). The most of cases contain the drug users do not know how much drugs they should take. When they take the quantity of drugs more than the standard of the specification, they are easy to addict the drugs. One last reason is the drug users would hurt their family if they cannot have access to take the drugs for a long time. The drug users’ family is easy to occur loss of employment, the family the disintegration of family, domestic violence especially child abuse (NIH 2012). And the children are easy to addict the drugs if the parents are drug users, because the children gain genetic feature from parents (LIVESTRONG.COM…show more content…
Due to the prohibition of the drugs, the market is shrinking and the price of the drugs is raised. Under the strongly enforcement of prohibit drugs, a lot of black markets emerge for satisfying the increase needs of the drugs. Also, drug users have to share the needles for taking the drugs, because the prohibition limits the sale of safety needles. In 2010 (Miron, 2014), about 8 percent of HIV patients are attributed to use IV drug in American. A lot of people believe that outlaw drugs can lead to the violence rate increase, but if the drugs are legalized, the crime rate could be reduced, especially organized crime. Buyers and sellers cannot resolve the disputes of trades with courts in the black market. That kind of conflict can be solved by legalization of the
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