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  • Dopamine and Drug Addiction

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    United States.” (Birnbaum HG, web). Dopamine is a reward chemical in the brain which rewards us every time we do something positive. Addiction comes from that chemical and can be created from various activities. Someone might enjoy jumping off a cliff, eating food, taking drugs or even play video games. Every time your brain enjoys something, dopamine is release and you start feeling good. The reason drug addiction is more complex, your brain will create more dopamine the more drugs you take. Eventually

  • The Dopamine Hypothesis of Schizophrenia

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    The Dopamine Hypothesis of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a disease that has plagued societies around the world for centuries, although it was not given its formal name until 1911. It is characterized by the presence of positive and negative symptoms. Positive symptoms are so named because of the presence of altered behaviors, such as delusions, hallucinations (usually auditory), extreme emotions, excited motor activity, and incoherent thoughts and speech. (1,2) In contrast, negative symptoms

  • Dopamine Hypothesis Of Schizophrenia

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    at the level of NMDA receptors (Wen-Jun Gao). For more than 50 years, the dopamine hypothesis had been considered the mother of the theories of schizophrenia. Van Rossum first proposed it in 1966 suggesting that a hyperactivity occurring at the level of the mesolimbic dopamine pathway is the mediator of positive symptoms of schizophrenia (Seeman 1987). More research has flaunted a hypoactivity in the mesocortical dopamine pathway, which has been hypothesized to mediate the negative, cognitive, and

  • The Influence of Stress on Dopamine Levels

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    The Influence of Stress on Dopamine Levels In the quest to survive, every living organism is equipped with the armor to withstand the impacts of stress. The African savanna leaves the zebra in an anxiety-ridden position of vulnerability to predators. Stress may can be as basic as the lack of food, habitat, or reproductive success. Humans are especially aware of the impacts of stress due to the nature of todayâs contemporary lifestyle. Too many daily demands can give a person anything from insomnia

  • Dopamine, It Does a Body Good

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    Dopamine, It Does a Body Good In class we have frequently discussed the I-function and how it relates to the body and the brain. Is the I-function a separate soul? Is it simply an extension of our DNA and genes? In addition, we have fretted over the I-function and its relationship to our behavior or personality. Where exactly the I-function is, we have also wondered. In this paper I will explore personality, the I-function and their relationship to genes and chemical changes that take place

  • Dopamine: The Causes And Effects Of Parkinson's Disease

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    Parkinson’s disease or PD is a disorder of the brain that is caused when neurons in the brain stop working or die (Browner & Pagan, 2014). The normal function of neurons, or your brain cells, is to make dopamine. This disease typically occurs in the elderly years, starting at fifty and above. This disease affects millions of people around the world, and estimated ten million, 60,000 just in North America. It is not prominent in any one culture or race; even celebrities like Michael J. Fox or Muhammad

  • The validity of dopamine transfer deficit theory in ADHD SHR model.

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    The validity of dopamine transfer deficit theory in ADHD SHR model. Introduction and Background Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder in which there is a persistent and developmentally abnormal level of overactivity, inattention and impulsivity. The physical cause or pathophysiology of this disease is currently unknown as the diagnosis is strictly based on relative or excessive increase in the symptoms such as overactivity, inattention or impulsivity which may otherwise also

  • Do Implanted Embryonic Dopamine Neurons in Parkinson's Disease in Patients Provide Relief or Not

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    tremor in most of the cases. A significant finding was that there was a increase in tonic neuronal discharge in Globus Pallidus and STN neurons after MPTP treatment. Changes in neuronal activity are consistent with other evidence that shows how losing dopamine results in an increase in transportation through indirect pathway and a decrease in transportation through the indirect pathway. The changes in the basal ganglia could be the cause of the symptoms shown by Parkinson's patients. Reduced tonic activity

  • The Importance Of Dopamine

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    energetic than others? Dopamine can play a major role in a person's personality. Dopamine is very important in the human brain and learning how it works and functions is key to controlling it. The brain is one of the most complex and important part of a human. Dopamine was first discovered in the 1950’s. Dopamine has the power to do many things in a human and has multiple functions. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has many different uses in the human brain and body. Dopamine has control over the

  • Dopamine's role in the Psychological Architecture of Pleasure and Reward

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    Pöppel, 2007, p. 484). This role was postulated from the discovery of dopamine in reward pathways that are found originating from the midbrain (2). From these discoveries, it has been shown that dopamine has a profound impact upon the existence of “reward-seeking behaviors” (Arias-Carrión & Pöppel, 2007, p. 481). A 2006 study done by Mathias Pessiglione and his colleagues demonstrated that subjects given L-DOPA, a precursor to dopamine, were more likely to remember decisions that led to rewards and continue