Essay about Why College Is The Option Of College

Essay about Why College Is The Option Of College

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Recently the option of going to college after high school has been widely criticized making many people revise their options and think if it’s actually worth it. Some people think that the cost of college isn’t worth what college offers and what it could do for you in the long run. While there are many options available after college, I believe college is the easiest way to be successful in life. After high school, I plan to attend college to try to pursue my goal of becoming successful and to achieve the American dream.
There are many careers that don’t require a college degree, but those paths aren’t for me. College graduates or even people who have had some college are proven statistically to earn more money than someone who didn’t attend college. In the article,” Why Go to College?” it states,” Because college graduates can expect to earn a salary almost double that of high school graduates, the student is much better off going to college”(71). The author argues that college is beneficial and that you are better off going to college. When you earn double the salary the money compounds over the years and eventually it will be very helpful.
There are many reasons why you should go to college and avoid other career paths after college. People should look at the big picture, normally without any college education it’s really hard to advance in your workplace. Going to college is the best direction to pursue because in 20 and 30 years that money that has compounded from earning a college degree will be the biggest advantage of going to college. In the article, Why go to college? it states” college graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn 74 percent more per year than those who only complete high school”(70). The payback colleg...

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...h is very important to me. Education is very important to me and I hope this will help my goal become a reality.
Thankfully, I know what I need to do to help myself accomplish my goal but this is easier said than done. I have heard many difficulties about college and I hope I have the power to defeat these difficulties. Some of the necessary steps I need to do to surpass my goal is I need to find a way to pay for college and I hope Financial Aid and the program CAMP could help me achieve this. Technically I don’t have to participate in taking the SAT or ACT due to my grade point average I still plan in taking these. I’ve been carefully watching the classes I’ve been taking during high school and currently I’m completing the class requirements needed. I will try to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology when I attend Fresno State to me help myself become successful.

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