Why Are Some Many Kidney Organ Donations Within African Caribbean And Their Attitudes Towards Registering As An Organ Donor

Why Are Some Many Kidney Organ Donations Within African Caribbean And Their Attitudes Towards Registering As An Organ Donor

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Why are there fewer Kidney organ donations within African-Caribbean minority groups in London?
This research proposal aims to investigate why there are lower numbers of kidney transplants in African-Caribbean minority groups. Identifying the known factors which contribute lesser organ donations and how government policies and interventions are addressing the issue. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods were used to find out how kidney disease affects African-Caribbean people and their attitudes towards registering as an organ donor.
The key areas to be addressed in this research proposal will be background and rationale for the study, aims and objectives, literature search strategy, ethics and anti-oppressive practice considerations, project outline, project timetable ending with a conclusion.
Keywords: African-Caribbean, Donors, Ethnic Minority, kidney Disease, Older people, Transplants, United Kingdom.

This research report will examine the shortage of kidney donors within African-Caribbean minority groups. It is clear from evidence found in the research Black, African-Caribbean communities are at risk of developing kidney disease or kidney failure, and it is higher than any other ethnic minority group within the population. It is also known that the requirements for a kidney donation are significantly greater with up to three to four times in this population (Morgan, M. et al. 2006). However, it was identified that the reason for low numbers of organ donors was in relation to religious beliefs, difficulties with organ matching, lack of knowledge and awareness of the programmes available.
Literatures reviewed indicates there are a smaller number of kidney donors...

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...nd to help others in need of a new kidney. In a particular research paper, there were different attitudes around discrimination and organ donation and the few numbers of organ donors. The ages of the participants were from 18 to 60 years old. In a focus group a male aged 18-30 stated he felt ‘the attitude of white people was off putting, and they knew nothing about black people’ and an older woman’s response to organ donating was the experience of hospital treatment lead to her not being able to trust ‘white’ Doctors (Davis and Randhawa, 2006). Discrimination and oppression are linked to the behaviours of human being towards those they see as different. If there are prejudice behaviours then negativity beliefs of people most certainly in some cases will be based on stereotypes and myths, which includes the lack of understanding and empathy (Nzira and Williams, 2008).

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