Essay on White Supremacy And Black Men

Essay on White Supremacy And Black Men

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In the 19th century, white supremacy was established into the foundation of the United States and as black people made efforts to integrate, in turn, white individuals  were afraid of the notion of a black planet and the possible collapse of white people’s social structure once black men became their sexual equals. While both paintings contain similar elements such as the mix of both black and white people, women and men, free and enslaved, the power dynamics between the black and white man in each image differs. The underlying theme presented by the Amalgamation Waltz points to the elite, as well as middle class white men’s sense of losing their power as the black men waltz the night away with the white women. The Virginian Luxuries, on the other hand, reveals a powerful white planter who has access and ultimate authority over both bodies, whether it is the enslaved black woman he tries to kiss, or the enslaved black man he attempts to hit, a place a white man wishes to be and where he strives to stay.
Slavery was becoming a sectional issue in the 1800s, diving the nation along the region. While the Northerners were becoming opposed to slavery with time, the Southerners were becoming unified as they strived to defend slavery as an institution. As an industrial society, the need for slaves was less prominent in the North, as oppose to the South, which was more agricultural. Cotton plantations required an extensive amount of labor; as a result, slaves were a necessity for agriculture owners, who used their labor as an advantage as it would be cheap and an easy way to get the job complete.
In the painting, Virginian Luxuries, the artist portrays a white well dressed man, who presumes to be a slave owner. The white man, apparently ...

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...tsiders, particularly black folks, would disrupt their social dynamic that kept them at the top of the hierarchy. They were in fear of their superiority being taken from their hands. A black man having sex with a white woman, for instance, was in essence, both subjugating and violating white men and women. They were afraid that once blacks became amalgamated, by becoming white people’s sexual equals, it would create new opportunities for black people by gaining access to things such as their jobs or schools, which would lead to the loss of authority over black people. While Amalgamation Waltz points to the white man’s fear of the loss of power, Virginian Luxuries, on the other hand, demonstrates a white man’s dominance over their slave who takes advantage of his authority by attempting to hit a black man or attempting to engage in sexual relations with a black woman.

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