Artist Exploring Socially Sensitive Subjects: Sex

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Over the years many artist have viewed sensitive subjects within their work. Sex is one of the sensitive subjects that has been viewed in a positive and negative way. Before and during the 19th century, most paintings, sculptures, and art pieces focused on the features of a human's body. During this time, most artist believed that showing these features of a human could show the role a woman and man had in life. Sculptures in early times focused on the body of a man and showed distinctive features from head to toe. Most sculptures were representations of Greek Gods, which showed their strength and power throughout their body. Showing the sexual side of men in art, lead to showing the sexual features of a woman. The sexual features of a woman was shown throughout paintings and sculptures that mostly represented fertility. suppose to symbolize the sexual union between him and the woman. The idea of showing sex in art has been shaped and formed into various perspectives.
In this particular era, the nudity of a human was highly recognized and favored in different art pieces. In paintings, women were naked and covered certain parts of her body. Sculptures would lack the appearance of a woman, but would also show attributes of a female's body. Even though this topic was praised in earlier times, in today's society the topic of sex is looked upon in a negative manner. As time changes, I believe that the viewpoint and mindset of people are completely different from the 19th century point of view. Sex has become a dreadful topic because people are more attached to religious beliefs that doesn't put sex on the high level that it once “ sat” upon in the 19th century. If an artist decided to put some type of nudity or sexual visual ...

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...e sexual union between him and the woman. The couple is also wearing jewelry that symbolizes their sexual power and union as a whole. This particular piece of art shows how the physical appearance of a human is not needed to show sexual characteristics. The pieces are completely different in appearance, but the idea of sexual representation is fully shown throughout each piece.
In conclusion, a person will understand that the topic of sex will always have a sensitive notion behind it. A person will also understand that even though sex is a socially sensitive subject, it can have a negative or positive effect. Most artist interpret sexual features into their work because they believe that sex sells and capture a certain sense of energy. Others whom oppose the representation of sex in art, are against it because of personal beliefs and feelings toward the topic.
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