Desegregation Between the Late 1050's and Early 1960's

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Desegregation Between the Late 1050's and Early 1960's

Both of these pictures are the same painting, yet different feelings are provoked by each. To me the one on the left, the colorful one, is more intriguing. It jumps at you grabbing your attention and drawing your eye in, giving you a warm and lively feeling. The picture to the right seems a bit dull and emotionless, portraying a melancholy feeling. In the art world color is a good thing. It brings other elements to a picture that you can't receive by using only two colors. Color can represent many things, emotions, mood, importance, a specific object, or as we have come to know the word, people. People seem to be assigned a color that people think represents the type of person they are. Yet, unlike the art world where a color is usually linked to only one trait or emotion, like, black-sadness, white-purity, red-evil, purple-royalty, the colors that we assign each other do not have set traits that are encompassed with in each color. The only thing that is set with the categories of colors we describe each other with is the tone of our skin! The color of ones skin played a big role in the years between the late 1950's and early 1960's and defined the lines of desegregation, in the midst of this racial cacaos lied innocent children and how the case of Central High changed their rights to an education.

When I look at these two paintings I see the description of the United States of America. One representing today with the vast majority of ethnic backgrounds with many colors all blended together working to make the picture a whole. The other a grim reminder of the segregated past with only two colors, black and white, and distinctive lines separating the two. Today we are a nation that prides itself on our nickname of the "melting pot". It is known now for the mixture of people from all different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Yet this name is only a representation of TODAY, and what we stand for TODAY, not the haunting memories of this country's past which has seemed to be forgotten in this new assigned nickname. With in this country's "melting pot" is suppose to lie freedom and pursuit of happiness.
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