Where to Vacation?: Libya vs. United States Essay

Where to Vacation?: Libya vs. United States Essay

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Vacation is freedom or release from duty, business, or activity. It is a way to ease one’s mind. Every year millions of people plan vacations miles away from home to get away from reality. But where do most people usually go on vacation? It all depends on the type of vacation one is searching to experience. Libya and the United States both hold many tourist attractions of many sorts. One site holds many historic tourist attractions, and the other has more modern attractions. However, Libya and the United States are quite similar in certain aspects of tourist attractions, such as gorgeous landscapes. Overall, the United States has more to offer when it comes to vacationing.
Libya would be an incredible place to vacation to see historic sites. There are many tourist attractions with an abundance of remnants from the Greek and Roman time periods. These remnants are breathtaking to the point where the site of them nearly takes one back in time. Red Castle is one of the most popular tourist sites in Libya because it has an abundant variety of ancient architecture from several different ancient cultures. Tripoli, which is the capital of Libya and a major tourist attraction, is one of the most historic cities in the world. The majority of Libya’s hotels are also located in Tripoli. These hotels are an immense help to bring money into Libya. Approximately forty miles west of Tripoli is a Roman city, Sabratha which houses artifacts from a third century theater. Leptis Magna is also an ancient Roman city which was established in tenth century B.C. The biggest attraction here is a theater and the Leptis Magna Museum of Leptis Magna. Lastly, Cyrene was a Greek city that was founded in 630 B.C. and has a temple of Apollo (“T...

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