Las Vegas vs. The Bahamas

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When planning a vacation, travelers must first decide where they want to go. Choosing whether to go tropical or not is fun! There are many things that the traveler should waiver when making the decision on his/her destination. Take traveling to Las Vegas vs. the Bahamas. These are two very different places and each will require the right amount of research and assessment on the traveler’s part on as to why they would like to journey there. Las Vegas is a very exhilarating place to visit. Very close to the Grand Canyon, it is nestled in the Desert Mountains of Nevada. Las Vegas is only an hour from the Hoover Dam, and two hours from the Grand Canyon. These two mind-blowing tourist attractions are must-sees for many people itinerant to Las Vegas. These are among many different happening hot spots that Las Vegas and the neighboring areas have to offer. Obviously, the main reason people want to visit Las Vegas is the gambling. However, Las Vegas has much more to offer than just gambling. Many of the world’s biggest and best stars go to Las Vegas to pursue contracts for their shows. Major stars such as Celine Dion, Elton John, and Cher have all headlined in Las Vegas. Travelers should consider taking in a show while on their trip to sin city. There is also a countless amount of nightclubs in the area such as the Sky Lounge, Playboy Club, and Hard Rock Hotel Night Club for adults to attend. These nightclubs are fun for anyone who is looking for a good time in Vegas! Of course, if the travelers do enjoy the gambling most of all, they are definitely in for a treat. After all, the whole reason Vegas is Vegas, is the gambling. There are a huge assortment of hotels and casinos offering this guilty pleasure. Amongst these casinos are Pa... ... middle of paper ... ...As well, if the traveler decides they want to see a show, they want to be equipped with the right attire. Whether choosing to visit the beautiful and relaxing Bahamas away from all of the hustle and bustle of a big city, or gambling it up at fast-paced Las Vegas, vacations can never go wrong with these tips. Both destinations offer great accommodations, fun, and excitement for everyone to enjoy. These are all things to consider if deciding to vacation in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada or the beautiful Bahamas. Both are great places to visit among the top ten vacation spots in the world. If the traveler is looking for fun and excitement, a fast paced and thrilling destination, or relaxing laid-back atmosphere, then either one of these destinations are a great place to go. There is no need to wait. Start planning the trip now. The trick is deciding which one to choose!

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