When We Practice Mindfulness Are More Aware Of Our Senses And Can More Fully Enjoy What They Have

When We Practice Mindfulness Are More Aware Of Our Senses And Can More Fully Enjoy What They Have

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The main purpose of this chapter is: to illustrate that when we practice mindfulness, we are more aware of our senses and can more fully enjoy what they have to offer. Living in an overindulgent, demanding society, individuals lose sight of the simplicities. The five basic senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch – appear for many individuals at birth, resting unnoticed throughout life. With continuous stimulation from the external environment and internal factors, our senses do not turn on and off. Due to this continuous stimulation, individuals lose appreciation for their senses. By participating in mindfulness, an individual pulls himself or herself from reality, reflecting on their present experience.

The most important information in this chapter is: Touch is as important to good health as are food and water. While an individual can commendably live without sight, smell, taste, or hearing, life requires the sense of touch. Serving as the first sense acquired, an individual can experience touch throughout the body, unlike the other senses. Touch encompasses communication, survival, and intimacy. The longevity beyond touch emerges from the receptors covering the body; all individuals retain receptors for pain, pressure, movement, cold and heat. Upon receiving information from these stimulants, the body appropriately responds to the category of stimulant experienced. Examples of touch, responding include yanking the hand away from a hot stove, shivering when exposed to frigid temperatures, or embracing the hug of a trusted companion. Touch sanctions for the transportation of information from the external environment to the internal response center.

The main inference/conclusion in this chapter is: Our senses are vita...

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...use he or she know that exceptional grades promote joy in his family, even though they encompasses sadness from not spending time with peers. Without the capacity to control emotions, individuals express irrational behaviors and thoughts. This irrationality ensues from loss of self-control. Rather than becoming victim to this self-control loss, individual must befriend their emotions. They must define triggering points and responses, possessing awareness of their emotions.

The main point(s) of view presented is: that of a short, mindful living experience. This chapter did not contain vast amounts of scientific facts or data, as it did not need to. Emotions reside in every individual’s vocabulary, and produce similar responses to situations. This chapter tolerates readers to grasp the common ground on emotions and their effects through practicing mindful exercises.

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