Persuasive Essay On Mindfulness

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Practicing mindfulness is something that most people probably have on their daily to-do list, but never getting around to it because they either don’t believe it’ll work or feel too busy with their lives to stop for literally just a minute to breathe. When going into this activity, my to-do is exactly what was in mind. It’s the list that is never completed. So, having this as an actual assignment was exactly what I needed to get a jumpstart on my mindfulness techniques in my daily life. The first technique that I chose was something super simple and a great way to start my day. It’s called the 4-7-8 breathing exercise. In this exercise, you inhale through your nose for four counts, hold your breath for seven counts, and then exhale through…show more content…
It is such an easy task that takes less than three seconds and turns your entire day around. For example, instead of getting upset about the internet being down, I focused on the other things I could do instead that would be productive without having to use the internet. This allowed me to work on some things I was meaning to get to later in the week, but thought I didn’t have time for. Instead of wasting time being angry about the situation, being productive throughout that time really made difference in my day and how I felt. This definitely impacts the children that I come in contact with at work and outside of work. Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis allows me to be more clam and peaceful around those kids. Being mindful also includes the ability to be aware of your emotions and how to regulate them so, in the case of working with children, this is a fantastic ability to have. It allows me to know when I am getting angry, impatient, annoyed, or upset and know how to change those feelings into positive
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