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Everybody needs a family, no matter your age or mental abilities. Adopting a child or having a child may be different, but both can make you happy in some way. Many kids need a stable home, but can never find that one place where they feel safe and loved. Children may never get the family or home they need because so many people feel that adoption is wrong because some things can go wrong. Things go wrong all of the time and no one says anything about it why can’t adoption be one of them.
Many things can bring you happiness. Very few people feel that a child can make you happy, you will be surprised. A study held by the Sahlgrensla Academy at the University of Gothenburg showed that “the quality of life was highest among couples who had adopted.” A person will have rough patches while raising a child, but there is a certain kind of happiness you receive from a child that you have raised as your own. The government sometimes does not take the child into consideration when finding a family for a child.
Finding a family is the most important thing in an adoption case. Being that as it may, the government tends to rush some adoption cases, no one knows why. This child may difficult to handle but that is no reason to rush the adoption. Rushing an adoption can lead to failed cases than that child is placed back into the system and has to go through everything all over again. Not all adoptions go perfectly, some may take a bad turn.
“Adoptions do break down but it is rarely talked about.” says Denise Winterman in her article When adoption Breaks Down. When a child is adopted at an older age is it more difficult. That child remembers his/her past, and can than rebel against their new family. That child can then become hostile and the...

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