Essay on What 's More Expensive Than Going For College

Essay on What 's More Expensive Than Going For College

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The article, “What’s more expensive than going to college? Not going to college” appeared March 27, 2012 on the website The essay was penned by senior editor and published author Derek Thompson, whose works have also appeared online and in Business Week. In the article Thompson compares college costs against the financial impact that unemployed and underemployed young adults have on society. In addition, he explores how the type of degree people hold impacts their unemployment rates and its effect on potential earning outcomes over the lifetimes of the workers. In this article, Thompson argues that the costs associated with going to college are exceeded by the increased earning potential a degree provides and the financial impact that those without a degree have on society.
In this article Thompson addresses the costs to society associated with an individual who does not pursue higher education. For example, Thompson cites a study from the International Youth Foundation showing that when allowing for health care costs to taxpayers and additional social costs, those youth who are not employed nor seeking higher education cost the United States economy $4.75 trillion dollars. According to Thompson, “A 2012 U.S. study put the social cost per NEET (Not Engaged in Employment or Education) at $37,450, when you factored in lost earnings, public health spending and other factors” (453). Additionally, he mentions a correlation between all countries’ income levels and the percent of their citizens that are pursuing higher education.
Another reason Thompson cites in favor of going to college is the improved earning potential that attending college provides to individuals throughout their lifetimes. One of the stati...

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... a price far less than tuition if they demonstrate mastery in the subject” (454). The third example noted comes from the University of Southern California in which they gather students throughout the United States into online classrooms. While each of the examples he lists makes use of an online classroom component they are different in their approach. Although Thompson acknowledges that these new ideas may or may not work, he believes adding affordable options is important.
While Thompson admits that a traditional college experience may not be the right choice for everyone, he issues a challenge to his readers. He asks anyone to pick up a globe and find a place anywhere in the world that has not benefitted from advancements in education. Thompson’s article suggests that when all these factors are considered, the cost of not going to college becomes too great.

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