What Makes Your Body Gestures And How Your Advantage? Essay

What Makes Your Body Gestures And How Your Advantage? Essay

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Use Your Body Gestures and Movements to Your Advantage
One way of being successful in life or business is to use polished and unobtrusive posture and gestures. When your actions and words and in sync, you can easily strengthen the impact of your speech. However, in case your habits have mannerisms that don’t relate to the spoken message, your actions will attract attention to themselves but away from your speech.
Before you speak, you have to get the facts or knowledge to influence your mental attitude. Having background information helps build self-confidence and influences your public speaking abilities. Early preparation can help you eliminate challenges that make presentation difficult and ineffective. There are a number of ways you can use your movements and gestures constructively without distraction.
1. Get rid of distracting mannerisms
This means that you should eliminate the visual and vocal impediments such as finger tapping, lip biting or licking, frowning, head wagging or adjusting the hair and clothing frequently. Though such mannerisms are done unconsciously, you need to be aware of the message of nervousness they portray to the observers. For instance, if you make a mistake verbally, it’s better to correct it as you can hear your own words. However, remember that you can’t see yourself so take caution of your behavior.
The first step to eliminate the undesired mannerisms is to develop an accurate perception of your body’s image such as correct posture, facial expression, eye contact, gestures, and body movements. Then get rid of the physical behaviors that don’t add to your speech, by being aware of your problematic areas. For instance, you can video tape yourself speaking, review the tape a number of times and th...

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...t dominance is likely to avoid smiling. Instead, they are likely to frown to illustrate seriousness.
-Evaluate their gestures and stance, such as pointing at others to portray their status. A person who takes wider or taller stance and appears relaxed could also illustrate their power or dominance. Remember that dominant people also have firm handshakes.
-Watch how the person manages their personal space. For instance, people with high status take up more physical space between them and people of lower status to show their mastery of the situation. A dominant person also leads from the front and is likely to walk ahead of other people or use doors first.
-Observe how the person touches. A person with higher status would touch those of lower status more frequently and confidently. People in similar status or counterparts often touch each other in a similar manner.

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