Pro-Choice: The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Marisa Guzman 12/3/14 HDCS Abortions There will always be a debate over whether or not abortion should be a legal option. It continues to divide Americans very long after the US Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade. People, identifying themselves as pro-choice, say that choosing abortion is a right that should not be limited by the government or religious authority, and it outweighs any right claimed for a fetus or an embryo. It is said that pregnant women will resort to unsafe, illegal abortions if they do not get the option to do it the safer way, legally. Their opponents, identifying themselves as pro-life, say that a life begins at conception, and so abortion is the immoral killing of an innocent, helpless human being. They say…show more content…
I believe that there in so way of knowing specifically when human life begins. I think people just go by their own personal opinions or by their religious belief. “Human life is a continuum---sperm and eggs are also alive, and represent potential human beings, but virtually all sperm and eggs are wasted. Also, two-thirds of human conceptions are spontaneously aborted by nature” (About Abortion, 1988). My least favorite phrase to hear from pro-life supporters is that abortion is the murdering of a person. Personhood is not a biological fact, and I know this. It cannot be proven, it is not a certainty, and it is not a fact. Abortion actually has positive benefits on a woman’s health and life. When people say that the fetus has rights too, I get what they are saying, but if fetal rights were protected in the law then women 's bodies, health and rights would be subordinated to the defense of embryos. The legal consequences of this kind of a law would be disastrous. The best way to protect the fetus is to endorse the health and well-being of the…show more content…
If we are unable to decide at what point our life truly begins, can we actually decide at what point that our life ends? Doctors pronounce a patient dead when their brain officially stops sending pulse signals to their body. Do you know exactly when the brain starts to send your body signals? It is when a woman is eight weeks into her pregnancy. Since our lives end when our brain stops, should life not begin when the brain starts? People do not understand that pro-choice is not "pro-abortion". Obviously, it is an extremely tough decision to make, and no one who is pro-choice thinks abortion is all smiles and rainbows. But they also do realize that legal or not legal, there have always been pregnancies wanting to be terminated and a high demand for abortion, and when abortion is illegal it does not stop happening, it just becomes a lot more unsafe and sometimes deadly. Being pro-choice means wanting to keep abortion rare, legal and

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