What Makes People Love Puppies? Essay

What Makes People Love Puppies? Essay

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What makes people love puppies? What make makes people say “get a puppy before your first child? Even if they are different species they are similar and also different.
They will sleep for 70% of the day and expect your undivided attention for the rest. You know a baby, especially a newborn, will sleep away the day but for the rest demand your attention away from what you need to do. A puppy will do that too. And they both will keep you up during the night. One will demand food, the other will be eating you nose, ear, hair, etc. while you sleep.
They both have teething. When a puppy is teething there is nothing they will not chomp up and you will have puppy teeth marks and baby spilt up on everything that you own. They will go after everything that is in your hands and everything that you put down. They also want doing to have the praise that comes with doing what they are because they think its right until you tell them otherwise.
They can’t tell you what they want. For example if their tummy is hurting all they can do is cry or whine. They can’t tell you if they are hungry or ti...

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