Essay about What Makes A Designer Baby?

Essay about What Makes A Designer Baby?

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Just imagine being able to walk in a doctor’s office, and hand over a form with all the characteristics and traits you would for your child and viola you generated that so called perfect baby.
What is a Designer Baby? The term came from different journalist describing these babies like new fashion designs. But the actual term for it is a baby genetically enhanced for specially selected traits, characteristics and even sex.
The first designer baby was created in the U.S. in 2000. Doctors used screening techniques to test the embryos of Lisa and Jack Nash. They chose the embryos that would be an exact cell match to their daughter Molly. Molly suffers from a genetic disorder called Fanconi Anemia which causes bone marrow deficiency. The embryo selected did not carry the disease and was a perfect tissue match. As a result, Adam Nash was born in August.
Genetic Enhancement- Many parents want the perfect child. They want to be able to choose what they will look like as well as other characteristics such as intelligence and athletism. Today, this is not yet possible, however, technology and our knowledge of genes continues to advance at a fast rate, raising concerns about our future.
In Leonard Pitts (2002) article “A Risk Free Life” Pitts disagrees about people and society are trying to modify the nature of life. Pitts points outs that genetic enhancement and technology can put the human race like a car dealership when you can pick and choose how you want your children to look like, and not be aware of the other changes that may occur later in life. (Pitts 2002.)
In my opinion, this type of scientific advantage may give people too much freedom. I do believe that if this came to be possible that people would take it for granted.

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...ents are allowed to use the reproductive genetic techniques to select the sex of babies, then countries like China and India that value boys more than girls will use the technology as a way to ensure that they get a boy. If the technology is not regulated then who is going to stop them? This is inhuman, and we must make sure that it doesn’t happen by careless letting this technology to be abused.
We have the right to be hesitant, but looking at both sides of the argument, it’s quite obvious that the world has to start addressing many if these issues and questions and decide whether it is the best interest of society to continue researching this highly controversial technology. In the next generation the technology will be out there, and the potentials will arrive quickly once the technology moves forward. What seems very far off may occur in the not so distant future

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