What Makes A Certified Public Accountant? Essays

What Makes A Certified Public Accountant? Essays

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Nancy Cassidy is an enthusiastic Senior Lecturer of School of Accountancy at Arizona State University. I contacted her and asked her for an interview to discuss what means to be a Certified Public Accountant, but specially in terms of ethics, good business and happiness and how she follows her career path.
Our meeting took place in her office. She was very cordial with me, she made me feel very comfortable throughout our interview. What I could say is that she showed me all her professionalism.
What most impressed me was that during our conversation she always revealed me that she enjoys doing what she is doing. “I really enjoy to go to work every day to help them, it means that every day, I will do something different for them.” Helping her clients and students to be accountable is her priority.
She wants to contribute to change the business world by helping or counselling individuals or clients to achieve their goals. “Good business is providing a good quality services to my clients, advising; them to achieve their goals, improving their profitability; be a partner of my clients of the sense of growth their business. Good business is benefit my client.”
Enjoying what she is doing every day is the difference between outshining or failing in a profession that requires lot of dedication, “the most challenging is find the work and life balance.” CPA firms work hard to find the work and life balance to their employees especially in a hard-working season.
While she was working in Ernst & Young during the busy season, she had breakfast, lunch and dinner in the office “working midnight pretty much 24/7.” The firms work hard to find a work and life balance for their CPA, and in the end of season or deadline, they gave time to ge...

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...e field longer.” But she definitely would she choose to be what she is: CPA.
For any CPA firm the GPA is important but they are also looking for high relationship skills, business writing skills and communication skills. And, Nancy Cassidy definitively has those skills. CPA requires a to make a research and write memos, some more detailed than other. “I make research about GAAP and I verify that our clients were treating their transaction under GAAP standards. Sometimes I wrote very formal memo from one to ten pages, very detailed, about why we, as a firm, was agree or not with our client transaction.”
At the end of our meeting, I realized that she found the meaning of her life. She was following her route to find her success. She is transferring her knowledge with others. I could say that Nancy found the right way to find the balance and happiness in her life.

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