What It Is For You Can Learn A Lot About Yourself Essay examples

What It Is For You Can Learn A Lot About Yourself Essay examples

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Throughout a lifetime you can learn a lot about yourself. Whether it be in the beginning of your life or not until the very end. There is not a pit stop that says “Get to know yourself here”. That’s not going to happen. You have to learn for yourself and that’s what Melanie Pineda did, a young girl at the age of nineteen who grew up in four different towns in Central Jersey. Going to several schools and starting over again and again was hard on Melanie because she gained friendships and have to leave them in some time. Melanie is the type of person that you can say expects the worst and hopes for the best. Being through a lot is what made that saying come true. Having family problems, money problems, relationship problems, and different friendship problems, she had it all. Over time, it started to become a custom to her that no one is ever going to stay in her life, other than one person, her mother, Isly. They had a different bond with each other. Yes, mothers are always supposed to have their children’s backs no matter what but Isly’s way was a little different. She wasn’t only her mother, she was her friend, her therapist, her leading coach in the game, her conductor. Without her, Melanie wouldn’t be the growing woman she is today.
When Melanie was younger she had the time of her life. Mother and father together, about to start her journey in school, friends she enjoyed to be with. Then everything switched. At the early age of five Melanie’s parents split up on bad terms. This caused her father to move miles away resulting in him only seeing her on the weekends, when the traveling situation worked out. After a while everything stopped. Melanie went from seeing her father, Milton, every weekend to every other. Soon after, it wen...

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...tand that she is beautiful just the way she was. She needed to understand that if someone is telling her so she needs to take in the complement and move on throughout the day with it as a booster.
Soon one day hopefully, Melanie will be able to ease of these problems that are interfering with her pure happiness and have little worried. Until then Melanie is pretty much happy with the way she is now. Her voice, her body shape, her skin color, her family issues, her relationship problems not only because they make her who she is but they all taught her a lesson. The moral of this passage wasn’t to show a young woman 's life of problems. It was to show you that take each problem you have in your life and count it as a lesson. A type of lesson that could possibly to help you do better in similar situations, to warn you, to guide you, and to mold you into a better person.

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