What Is Your Opinion of the Spread of English in the World Today? Essay

What Is Your Opinion of the Spread of English in the World Today? Essay

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English is the language that is being spoken by most of the people in the world. Nowadays there are lots of people interested in English reading and speaking. According to Hung (2009), at the end of the 19th century the world was in need of a common language to communicate and they believed that this common language should come from one of the existing natural languages. So among other languages English seemed to be more suited to the world language (Hung, 2009). English has achieved supremacy since it has become the main language of books, newspapers, air traffic control, airport, international business and academic conferences, science, technology, medicine, diplomacy, sport, pop music and advertising (Gaffey, 2005). Although English is being spoken by most of the people in the world, some non-English speakers believe that speaking English can destroy their own language. Although some study suggest that English has naturally spread and do not harm anyone, there is considerable evidence that shows spread of English was motivated by some western countries and created a linguistic imperialism that has affected the culture, identity and language of the non-English speaking countries.
English has spread naturally in the world and as a result it is now a ‘lingua franca’ the common language that everyone knows. English has made our life easier in many ways. Since the world was in need of a world language, it was spread naturally in the world. According to Hung (2009), English language does not undermine other languages. He states, English has joined the global community and it has introduced their national identity and culture to the rest of the world. His findings appear to illustrate that English is a world language that...

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...rialism that is beneficial for some western countries but it is very harmful to some others. It harms the culture, language and identity of a country. Those who can speak English see those who cannot in a lower level. Especially one has to learn English in countries like India and Pakistan otherwise people will make fun of them. There is an Indian movie called “English Vinglish” which encourages people that if you don’t know English it is totally fine and we should not make fun of anyone.

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