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The English language as a product.
The purpose of this essay is to answer the question “Why is English the international language?”
Graddol characterizes English as the first lingua franca [Graddol, 2006:11]. Many international organisations such as North Atlantic Treaty Organization, The United Nations, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and European Free Trade Association made English their procedural language even though most members are not countries with a majority of native English speakers [Graddol, 2006:92].
Phillipson notes that there is a sharp decline in the use of French and German, as well as progressive use of English as the default internal language and this entails clear fortification of the interests of English-speaking member-states
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The combination of these two reasons has brought into existence a language which consists of many varieties, each distinctive in its use of grammar, sounds, and vocabulary [Crystal, 2003:29].
As a result of the worldwide influence, geographical-historical aspect, of the British Empire, English language enlarged its influence in every part of the world, because of expansion and colonisation of Africa and the South Pacific, English took a further step as a global language [Crystal, 2003:24].
The socio-cultural explanation looks at how people around the world depend on English for their economic and social welfare. Millions have appreciated the convenience of having lingua franca available to serve global human needs [Crystal, 2003:29].
There is the closest link between language dominance and economic, cultural, and technological power and Phillipson notes that the influence of English as the product comes from such factors as [Phillipson, 2008:9]:  Politics (US empire)
 Business (material system)
 Prestige code (domination of English-speaking
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This observation leads us to Esperanto created by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof in 1887. Esperanto is based on the lexicon of supreme European languages, has a Latin alphabet as writing system and a friendly phonology, syntax, and morphology. From David’s point of view on Esperanto has a social attraction because of the fact that it is no one’s mother tongue and every user can feel like a native speaker. A great number of these constructed languages developed with the plan that a single world language will lead to world peace, but it seems that many wars have historically come to the group of people using the same language [David,

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