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In project two, I explored the Residential Assistant Community. I chose this community because I have a growing interest and wanted to know more information about becoming a Residential Assistant. I am considering applying for the position my sophomore year at the University of Southern Mississippi. I know by exploring this community it would give me more information before committing my time to it. Being a Residential Assistant is an honor and a privilege. Although being a Residential Assistant is a challenging job, because an RA must always 11stay in character as a leader and an authority figure, an RA also has an opportunity to make a difference in students’ lives.
I started out this project not really knowing what exactly a Residential Assistant does. I always see them walking on my floor doing rounds in my residence hall, but I never understood their true purpose. At first I thought they were students promoting a fraternity or some club. It wasn’t till after project two that I understood their true purpose.
Residential Assistants are students selected to help guide on-campus students where they need to be. They are like older brothers and sisters to us (freshmen) in Century Park. Residential Assistants must be responsible, organized and dedicated. According to the Job Description for the Resident Assistant Position “ They will plan social and educational programs for the residents, advise them on academic and personal issues, refer them to campus resources, be a positive role model, hold them accountable for community standards, and help the residents to adjust to life on campus.” Those are just some of the job descriptions for residential assistants.
From my interview with Lorenzo I learned Residential Assist...

... middle of paper ...

...y Asked Questions” document as well. These are generally asked questions that ARE asked from people before applying. “What gpa is required to apply for the position?” Is a typically asked question by the applicants. This documents helps inform students as well.
I have learned that being a residential assistant is a very intriguing job. It is a non-stop job where you work almost 24 hours a day. It has it benefits; you have a chance to impact to student lives. You also have the opportunity to make a difference and must lead by example.

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