What Do Efs Argue About Objectivity? Essay

What Do Efs Argue About Objectivity? Essay

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1. What do EFS argue about “objectivity”? What is the goal of “ethnographic participation?

Filed researchers should be in the center of the lives of those are being studied in order to be able to observe and understand them better. “The ethnographer seeks deeper immersion in others worlds in order to grasp what they experience as meaningful and important” (EFS 2) to do that researcher must be at the scene and live the same experience from the first hand and observe at the same time.
Each study may require different living conditions and different sills to be able to live those conditions and ethnographers should learn to be associate of that particular group that will be studied and learn the necessary skills to be involved at the activities. “In learning about others through active participation in their lives and activities, the field worker cannot and should not attempt to be fly on the wall” (EFS 3). That means fieldworkers should be known as researcher at the scene that they are working. EFS argue that field researchers cannot be detached they should be at the scene and be engaged. EFS argues that field workers should be unbiased and not be prejudiced. Field workers Should have a good relationship with people around them and the goal of the fieldworker should be to capture and reveal the truths in people’s lives.

2. How do EFS describe fieldnotes? What do they mean when they say that “you are the research instrument”?

The field notes will always be different depend on who writes the field notes. Many people can observe the same thing at the same time but they all might have different field notes depends on the characteristics of the person who writes the notes. There will also be some similarities since they observe t...

... middle of paper ...

...t aspect for positivists. Leibow chapter was easy to read and it was the kind of the reading that make people read more to figure out more. I am excited to learn more about it,

Finally, please share a bit about how you are feeling about the idea of doing a hands on, original research project. Any ideas about a topic yet? What are your interests?

I am really excited about the idea of doing hands on research project. I think it is a great opportunity for us to enhance ourselves and it will reinforce what we learn at class as well. However, at this point things are not clear in my mind, I am still trying to figure out the whole process and I do not have any idea for topic yet. I would like to get some hints for ideas about the topic. My interest is mostly about kids but as you have mentioned at the class it is more difficult with kids because we need permission.

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