Essay about What Caused World War One?

Essay about What Caused World War One?

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What caused world war one ? Maybe, we should start with what made world one possible. Why the war happens and how it was possible is two different things. If we were to look at that we would have to say it was made possible by two things sweet propaganda and the technology of that current time. When you want somebody to go to war, they have to tell sell you on war pride. They have to make villains out of the opposing team to increase their military. They have to create a sense of nationalism. Pride in your country roll out commercial and war slogans. Heck let 's make radio shows and television, movies talk about the war our country must go to. This is some methods use by all countries. The difference, this time, is that the countries did not just depend on men, this time, they included women in the effort for in a more direct involvement. The industrial ages had many women help to make the supplies for the war through contracted companies. Thanks to the industrial revolution. The increased speed of production during this time allowed mass manufacturing of products of war. We had a new arsenal of weapons such as machine guns, exploding bullets and poison gas. A lot of places in the world where on Arms race. The New technology of the time allowed for a mass scale of wars prior couldn 't be achieved. The propaganda was sold to the people for the financing of the war. You Would have it financed through tax hikes and selling of government bonds. Some stuff I mentioned prior is just what made the war possible. What was the last straw to lead to the war ? The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in Sarajevo on June 28th. The three important causes of the world war one I would say imperialism and military, mutu...

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...llion British, German, And French soldiers were dead. Financing of this war was by in large part Britain that got some loans to finance the war from the United States. You had military expenses in some cases rise to half the national budget. No, military simple there would be no war.

Imperialism, in my opinion, is a lot of times is greed. It is the acquiring of territories for monetary, Trade and resources. It is done through manipulation of policies and acquisition through money or Brut force. Many times this Brut force is exercised on a country with smaller resources or power. Tension brought on by any European countries ' expansion could have and do lead to war.

The courses for war had especially been set because of Imperialism in my opinion. There are several other reasons stated prior.That are reason war was going to take place. I t was just a matter of time.

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