Militarism, Nationalism, and the System of Alliances: The Causes of World War One

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The flash of machine guns and the blare of shells were brand new to the veterans. Both the soldiers on the front and their family at home did not realize how much WW1 would change war forever. WW1, beginning in 1914 and ending in 1918 involved two major parties. The triple alliance, including Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary, and the triple entente, including France, Great Britain, and Russia fought the biggest War that the world had ever seen. We know the story, but when we read the between the pages, what were the underlying causes of the Great War that changed history? Through extensive research among primary and secondary documents, the answer has been found. The hidden causes were militarism, nationalism, and the system of alliances. Militarism led nations to jump at war prematurely. Nationalism causes other nations to become suspicious, and it also leads to a war that could easily be resolved other ways. The system of alliances was another underlying cause, as it made the war a world war by bringing all of Europe into it. WW1 began because of militarism, nationalism, and the system of alliances. The presence of militarism, an ideology that claims that the military is the most important aspect of a society, before and during the war led to jealousy and hard feelings, thus escalating the war far before it needed to be. Although this was not the primary cause, it was still an extremely important factor in the playing out of WW1. Document 2, a collection of period quotes compiled by Addison Wesley Longman, demonstrates the feelings of the citizens of Europe at the dawn of war. In the first quote, we can see that the average citizens throughout Europe found the prospect of peace in war, rather than fear and distaste. B... ... middle of paper ... ... combined powers of the nations in each alliance that helped to amass so many men to fight the Great War WW1 was a catastrophe that, for decades, many people have been wondering what realy happened behind the scenes. Everyone knows the story of the starting gun, the assignation of Archduke Ferdinand, but now, you can know the rest. Militarism, nationalism, and the system of alliances were the main causes for tension, and ultimately war throughout the entirety of Europe. Now that the world can finally hear the whole story, a 3rd World War may be prevented and thousands of lives may be saved. Now that the truth is out, make it heard. Militarism, Nationalism, and the System of alliances were the gun powder of WW1! Works Cited Document 2, Document 11, Document Document 7, Document 1, Document 5, Document 6, Document 3, Document 4, Ms. Ayala's lecture on WW1.
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