What Are You Are Imperfect? Essays

What Are You Are Imperfect? Essays

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Humans are imperfect. We often need to step out of ourselves and look back as a third person. I am imperfect. Accept constructive feedback that shows us our weaknesses, so that we can work on it to be real, not perfect. However, for some of us, it 's not easy and I understand it. It 's not about how old we are, how rich we are or even how talented we are, but it 's about how real we are to accept the fact that we are still imperfect.

We are born to be real, not to be perfect
Imperfections that are not worthy to be proud of, are better to give up earlier than later. We have seen even exceptional folks missing the mark at times. They appear to be helpless and hold it for a long.

Underestimating others & the ideas

Expect anything from anyone. Just because someone is new and silent, doesn 't imply he can 't have better ideas or better understanding about the matters you thought only you know. They might have done their homework. Particularly, never underestimate the ones who talk less, but observe more. They study more and think deeply before they speak.

Don 't underestimate. Some ...

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