Essay On Imperfection In Brave New World

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People have been unsatisfied with their lives and they want change. Their lives are filled with imperfection. They realize that their lives could be improved if everything around them and themselves were cleanse of the disadvantageous aspect of life. In the case of Brave New World the Controllers came into power sometime after the Nine Years’ War began. They had a “campaign against the Past” after the war where any remnants of the former way of living were destroyed. They considered that the past contained too much imperfection so they had to destroy museums and impede publication of certain books to shield the people from the harm of imperfection. The revolutionaries of that time wanted a new life for the people on Earth where all the adverse elements of life were removed. They desired perfection. A perfection similar to the perfect drug they created, soma, which has “All the advantages of Christianity…; none of their defects.” This drug embodies perfection because it only benefits the user without any maladaptation. And they hated and were discomforted by anything related to the past or anything less than perfect. An example of the displeasure of the imperfect past would be when the students became extremely distressed at the Director’s mention of the concept of fatherhood and motherhood. Their disdain for the past is also delineated through the Controller’s reminder to the students of how they revere the quote of Henry Ford: “History is bunk.” As the Controller reflected upon the old family life of his ancestors he recognizes it as having “appalling dangers” that Freud made a revelation of. He thought by the presences of fathers and mothers in the world is parallel to a world “full of misery…” and “full of madness and suicide...

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...actuals furthers the perfection of the higher castes. Huxley wrote the novel as a warning to modern western societies and his evidence for caution was burdened on the Alpha castes. The Gammas, Deltas, and, Epsilons can be seen as perfected because they are conditioned to adore the life they are given. The presence of a castes actual reinforce conclusion that their society has become perfect but only for the Alphas. The Alphas make up their own society because they do not socially interact with them. Another counterpoint could be that the society in “Harrison Bergeron” is not perfect because of the fact that people with advantages are suffering from handicaps like the pain of the everyday handicaps of George Bergeron. But through the concept of utilitarianism we see that the societies amplifying joy as much as they can which is the same goal as Brave New World.
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