Westchester County 's Influence On The American Revolution Essay

Westchester County 's Influence On The American Revolution Essay

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*Westchester County has nearly one million residents living throughout the 450 square miles and its population is larger than five states and 77 countries (Westchester gov.com, 2014). This region has a lot to offer historical; Westchester County played a key role in the American Revolution, cultural; arts, music, theater, museums, gardens, literary arts, cultural centers, and so on, geography; its locale is right along the Long Island Sound on the southeast and the Hudson River on the west, rolling hills, retaining rural characters, while adopting the urban and suburban lifestyles and New York City in close proximity, and population trends; the county’s population grew 3% between the 2000 and 2010 Census (Arts Westchester, n.d., Westchester County, 2014, Westchester gov.com, 2013, Westchester gov.com, 2014). Many who live in Westchester County are not aware of the abundance this region has to offer. The vibrancies can be seen from town, village, and cities can be overwhelming if an individual(s) have never been exposed to such a fusion of different cultures.
*Population in Westchester County is higher than the national average for instance 63.4% are Whites, 22% Hispanics, 15.9% Black Americans, 5.3% Asians, and increase of Westchesterites who have been naturalized is at 46.5% nationally it is 43.7% (United States Census Bureau, 2014, Westchester Magazine, 2013). Westchester County is becoming more and more diverse as the 2010 census has demonstrated and the Diversity Index reached 62, this means there is a 62% chance encountering an individual from another race, and minority children outnumber whites in public schools (Worley, 2014, United States Census Bureau, 2014). Unfortunately there are still some small towns that ha...

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...petency can assist those who may still feel they must stay in a relationship because it has always been that way and by not accepting the “norm” they are failing and turning away from their customs, beliefs, and values (Michalopoulou, 2014). As the mission grows and more individuals learn about the organization that not only meets the needs of victims of domestic violence; assisting with mental and physical abuse, using the New York state laws to protect victims, applying for state run programs that will provide the basic needs, but having the knowledge and benevolent to use cultural competency to guide victims in an amicable to turn away from being abuse but a champion feeling confident they will be able to live a fearless life, gaining empowerment to help others who may find themselves in the same situation, and at the same time not losing their identity for it.

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