Wendy 's Of The World 's Third Largest Hamburger Companies That Is Quick Service

Wendy 's Of The World 's Third Largest Hamburger Companies That Is Quick Service

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Wendy’s is one of the world’s third largest hamburger companies that is quick service. There are over 6,500 company and franchise restaurants worldwide. Wendy’s mission is to stand for honest food, higher quality, fresh wholesome food, prepared when you order it, prepared by Wendy’s kind of people, do it Dave’s Way, we don’t cut corners. This company believes in fresh and non-frozen products so the customers are satisfied and now they bought from an honest restaurant. The foundation believes in long term success that include there core values in every production. The core values are “Quality is our Recipe” “Do the Right Thing” and “Give Back”. Wendy’s focuses on the responsibility that the stakeholders are also the key to success.
Wendy’s is proud to give the opportunity to thousands of people with different backgrounds, education, and life experience. They are constantly focused to improve the corporate responsibility performance and actually creating a difference. A lot of companies say they do the right thing, however how many can actually say they have the proof. That’s why Wendy’s was founded with the belief that they should do more for the communities as well as do an outstanding job with service.
Behind every successful, authentic businesses you will see a set of ethics that have stood the test of time. Think about how these standards are interconnected in your association and what you can do to support them. Wendy’s wanted to be honest and talk about the future of the economy. Also, every company has their own different structures and motives that keep the company running.

A company like Wendy’s has an organizational structure that is not that different than the other fast food chains. Most fast food places operate th...

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... Wendy’s cups there is a drawing of a hand shaped as half a heart. If you take a picture of your hand completing the heart and send it to them or tag them in the picture Wendy’s makes a donation to the Dave Thomas Foundation. Also, do every time you donate you can get a free small frosty. Having small incentives like that make customers want to do more for the company. Which is great for business.
Both of these strategies can improve a company appropriately because everyone business want to play things by the book and do the right thing to be ethically responsible. This is a strength for the company and weakness to others because Wendy’s is known to be a good look in the public eye. I believe that over time, doing the same thing is tedious and plain. However, when a change is made to benefit the company reputation, it will generate profit and a stronger reputation.

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