We Must Promote Literacy in Our Community Essay

We Must Promote Literacy in Our Community Essay

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We typically attribute literacy, in the singular, acknowledging the numerous understandings of the term in different occasions and contexts: the many different approaches, the various levels of associated skill, and varied uses of the written language in specific cultures and conditions. Surfacing definitions of literacy seem to often include the special attributes relevant to a particular community. It is such a influential, dynamic concept that it has become dependent on the informational needs of the society of the time in reference. Literacy is the ability to read and write. It requires learned abilities to understand and use the main systems of symbols used within a culture for personal and community development. To understand literacy, the teaching and learning of the written language, each person must have the right to education, regardless of age, within and outside the school system. Studies have shown that students who have access to different types of literacy make the greatest improvements in learning.
The deeper objective of expanded basic education encompasses universal literacy. “Thus, literacy and basic education must not be viewed as separate goals, but as part of one single goal” (Global Monitoring Report 2008). Many administration analysts consider literacy rates as a crucial measure of the value of a region's wealth. Those who are more well educated in literacy have a higher socioeconomic status. Fundamentally, the more you understand about life, the more chance you have at success. Valuable literacy implies a comprehensive and consolidated approach to language: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Reading demonstrates understanding and writing is a creative activity which engages the expressi...

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...roper guidance and access to all literary content in all its forms. More programs designed to help adults improve basic reading, writing skills and computing skills are also needed. We must continuously share literacy. We must practice, make use of, motivate, and instill values to always increase one’s ability as a lifelong development process. Access requires perseverance.

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