We Must Continue to Fight Al-Qaeda and ISIS Essay

We Must Continue to Fight Al-Qaeda and ISIS Essay

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American support for the war is running low, but the United States should stay in the war in order to prevent Al-Qaeda and ISIS from getting stronger, facilitating their efforts in worldwide terror. Over 2,000 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan, but the efforts in preventing worldwide terrorism in our nation has decreased immensely. What would happen if the troops were all pulled out of Afghanistan now? Would terrorism increase to an all-time high? Absolutely, without a doubt Al-Qaeda and ISIS would grow stronger and 9/11 would not have to be the only day we remember in infamy.
"The stakes are very high," U.S. Gen. John Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan, said recently. "The fact that we were attacked on the 11th of September (2001) is a direct line relationship between what happened on that day and what could happen again if we don't get this right." The public is not usually informed well or just given the sugar coated news reports about the war, but the fact that a United States General is saying that an act is imminent if we do not crush the enemy is scary because President Obama is supposed to extract most of the fighting force and the troops training the Afghan army and security forces out. U.S. Gen. John Allen goes on saying that Al-Qaeda is a “potent”. People tend to soften the type of people these radical Muslims are. They have a monstrous amount of money, support, contacts and countries that are willing to harbor these terrorists so they could continue to commit these heinous crimes.
Stephen M. Walt argues that the United States does not have any real reason to spend their time and effort in Afghanistan. Also, the job of creating a democracy is not the concern of the United States anymore but of...

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...fight anymore. The United States must keep fighting to protect the great citizens of this free country. Patience is necessary, and American lives and those good people count on us fighting Al-Qaeda till they are eliminated.

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