The Fight For Gender Equality

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Women have long struggled to make their place in America be an accepted one of equality in position and pay. While some women are content to be hardworking wives and mothers of the home, others strive for a distant point with which to have a voice in what some consider as a man’s world. Across the world, many countries are a patriarchy-in which the male is the figurehead of a position in society. Different cultures, religions, and beliefs struggle against the rising desires of women to become successful leaders. Some women struggle for education to lead into corporate business, and others women are thrust into this position upon circumstance. Women just want to be heard and recognized for their place in life. Centuries ago women were to be quiet, unassuming, and dominated in society. As the views of humanity have changed, the views toward women have changed. In America, the 2009 Census reported 11.6 million as the number of single parents living with their children in 2009. There were 9.9 million single mothers and 1.7 million single fathers. There is a huge disparity between these numbers. One wonders where the other 8.2 million fathers are and why it is that women are the majority are being the primary caregiver. The most important concern is how the children of these families have matured into responsible, well-adjusted adults. Circumstantial women are those that are single, head of the household, earning income from two or more jobs, and raising children on their own. Most of these women have been put in this position due to the male figure being absent. Single women far outnumber men in the same situation. Also, a man’s income would most likely be higher. Women not only run the household, but also go to work to support th... ... middle of paper ... ... Intern Charlie Fanning. Web. 2011. Women’s History in America. Women’s International Center. Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia. Copyright (c) 1994, 1995 Compton's NewMedia, Inc. Belva Lockwood-para 3-Prologue Magazine, Jill Norgren-Belva Lockwood-Blazing the Trail for Women in Law, 2005, Vol 37, No 1. BUMILLER, ELISABETH. "Letting Women Reach Women In Afghan War." New York Times 07 Mar. 2010: 1. TOPICsearch. Web. 2 Dec. 2011. Womens Liberation Movement…… Levy, Ariel. "Lift And Separate." New Yorker 85.37 (2009): 78. TOPICsearch. Web. 2 Dec. 2011. Canfield, Leon H., et al. The United States In The Making. Massachusetts. The Riverside Press. 1937. Print.

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