Ways for Teachesrs to Foster Autonomy in Students Essay

Ways for Teachesrs to Foster Autonomy in Students Essay

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We must acknowledge that different methods of teaching can result in different levels of empowerment in terms of students’ behaviors and outcomes. Recently, learner autonomy has been a major area of interest in foreign language learning. It must be recognized that autonomy is multidimensional and takes different forms in different learning contexts; however, generally speaking, research has shown that autonomous learning allows learners to make the best use of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Benson (2001) states that autonomy can be broadly defined as the capacity to take control over one’s own learning. He takes the position that autonomy is a legitimate and desirable goal of language education. He also argue
learners who lack autonomy are capable of developing learning appropriate conditions and preparation. The ways in which we organize the practice of teaching and learning have an important influence on the development of autonomy among our learners.
Yan (2012) asserts that the learner becomes very independent while developing creativity and innovativeness. Since learner autonomy is beneficial, the teacher must play a role its promotion. He proposes, that being the knowledge-giver that dominates the class, the teacher is the well-placed individual to teach learner autonomy. Yan mentions different teachers’ roles that can enhance learning autonomy.
1- Facilitator: who can be psycho-social, technical, motivator, and guider to assist the learners overcome their difficulties.
2-Manager and Organizer: who can organize different activities and games that meet the learners’ desires and expectations.
3- Counselor: who can reduce the anxiety by giving advice to the individual learners on how to ach...

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